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Flint Water Scandal

  • Monday, July 04, 2022 12:23 PM
    Message # 12837724
    Deleted user

    I am the original creator of the Flint Water Scandal page on Facebook. We talked on Messenger a few weeks back.

    It was created along with a website back in 2015 after some discussions with Melissa Mays on how to break the media blockade...

    The page went viral after we setup some push/pull programs to route stories being developed to social media platforms to get it in front of eyeballs on a national and even international level. 

    We talked recently and thought we'd like to open up an invitation for your people to be a part of that page directly so we can keep the story alive through your frequent mentions of Flint... and we can talk about futher collaborations on media campaigns on a few other issues as well... the fight isn't over.

    lmk if that seems amenable to you.

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