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Help Us STAY ON-THE-GROUND to keep covering the Free Palestine Movement, Flint Michigan, East Palestine Ohio, the UAW Worker Driver, and SO MUCH MORE!
Goal: $50,000.00
Collected: $3,837.35


Jordan Chariton - Founder and CEO of Status Coup, Jordan has been covering stories that corporate media REFUSES to for over a decade. From the Flint Water Crisis, to the UAW strike, to the Dakota Access Pipeline he has seen it all! 

Colin Tooley - Producer and Editor for Status Coup, Colin has been working with Jordan since Before the days of Status Coup, and is behind the scenes to help expose the systemic corruption in America.

Jon Farina - Video-Journalist and Photographer extraordinaire, Jon has been in the trenches covering the January 6th Capitol attack, the UAW Strike, East Palestine OH, the Free Palestine movement and much more.

Louis DeAngelis - Independent journalist who has reported on things such as the water crisis in Jackson, MI and most notably the chemical detonation of derailed train cars in East Palestine, OH.

Ron Placone - Reporting with the news weekly, Ron brings his own spin with an emphasis on digital rights. He also created and stars in the original 'vertical' series "Frank Azurri", while he is not touring around the world for his stand up comedy.

Tina-Desiree Berg - Diving in where most people dare not go, Tina covers Right Wing extremism weekly on Status Coup, which doesn't always apply just to what we call the 'right wing'. She also has covered many white supremacist protests, the UAW strike, and more!

We are completely funded by our viewers! We take $0 from corporate interests, millionaires or billionaires etc. By doing this, we maintain full editorial control both over what we put out, and also what we decide to cover. This way we have covered the plight of poor Americans in Flint, Chicago, East Palestine, New York City, Seattle, Kalamazoo, Jackson, and so much more!

We do something different than most outlets, we go ON-THE-GROUND to find out what is really happening in the world and GIVE THE MICROPHONE TO REAL PEOPLE. By doing this we not only showcase the reality that corporate media ignores, but we also uncover stories that would never have been found out without this specific line of work.

So thank you to all who support us! And if you can and haven't, join as a MEMBER so we can keep staying Independent and doing this IMPORTANT work!

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